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Accessibility Statement


Miloubar considers accessibility for people with disabilities as a fundamental value and a business obligation, which are an inseparable part of its concept of service and social responsibility.

As part of this obligation, Miloubar acts to realize the basic right of every customer with disabilities to receive all the services offered as independently as possible while maintaining human dignity. We place great importance on providing equal opportunity for people with disabilities to use the information presented on the site, and to enable a better browsing experience.

We strive to ensure that digital services are accessible to people with disabilities, and therefore many resources have been invested in facilitating the use of the website for people with disabilities, as much as possible, out of the belief that every person deserves the right to live in equality, dignity, comfort and independence.

To fulfill this promise, we strive to adhere as much as possible to the recommendations of the Israeli standard (SI 5568) for web content accessibility at AA level and the international WCAG2.1 document.

Miloubar attempts to make all its platforms, including the company’s website, mobile phone application, landline phone and company offices, accessible to its customers with disabilities, in order to provide an appropriate response to the challenges and unique needs faced by this population.

How does accessibility work on the site?

The site has an accessibility menu developed by a website accessibility company – Accessible with a Click. Clicking on the accessibility button allows you to open the menu containing accessibility buttons. After selecting a topic in the menu, wait for the page to load.

The software works in the popular browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera. The use and application of the website are subject to restrictions and terms of use of the software.

Menu accessibility options:

  • Adaptation to keyboard navigation – allowing navigation by keyboard
  • Screen reader compatibility – adapting the site for assistive technologies such as NVDA, JAWS
  • Flicker blocking – stops moving elements and blocking flickers
  • Enlarge the website font to 4 different sizes
  • Contrast adjustments – changing the contrast of site colors
  • Adapting the site for color blind people
  • Change the font to be more readable
  • Enlarge the cursor and change its color to black or white
  • Enlarge the display to about 200%
  • Highlighting links on the site
  • Highlighting titles on the site
  • Display an alternative description for images
  • Accessibility Statement
  • Send accessibility feedback

Use of third-party components and sites

When we use third-party components or websites on the Site such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, external chats and others that we do not control, this may pose challenges to the use of the Site by people with disabilities that we are unable to correct.

Accessibility arrangements at Miloubar’s offices

 Miloubar’s offices are accessible in accordance with the requirements of the law. Office adjustment includes:

  • Disabled parking spaces are marked and located near the entrance to the offices.
  • Accessible entrance with warning surface and wide door opening.
  • Accessible trail.
  • Accessible toilet.
  • Accessible doors at the entrance to the dining room.
  • A lift is installed adjacent to the stairs.
  • Warning pallets are installed outside the office building.
  • Doors in rooms intended for reception are no less than 80 cm wide.

Accessibility exemptions:

  • There is an exemption from accessibility arrangements for the production plant.


Contacting the Accessibility Officer at Miloubar:

If while browsing the site or while visiting Milobar’s offices you encounter difficulties regarding accessibility, the Accessibility Officer at Milobar is available by a variety of channels for inquiries on accessibility issues, we will be happy to receive your feedback.

Name: Chen Carmeli

E-Mail: Chen@Miloubar.co.il

Phone: 04-9853231



Despite our efforts to enable browsing on an accessible site for all pages of the site, pages on the site may be discovered that have not yet been made accessible, or that the appropriate technological solution has not yet been found, and that still malfunction.We continue our efforts to improve the accessibility of the site, as much as possible, out of a belief and moral commitment to enable the use of the site for the entire population, including people with disabilitie.In case of any problem or malfunction, please contact the Accessibility Officer using the means of communicationn detailed above.